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Ben Escoto
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 15:00:21 -0700

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>>>>> "PP" == Pavlos Parissis <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Mon, 2 Sep 2002 18:55:19 +0300

  PP> I was thinking that there is an option for that action,but as i
  PP> can see there isn't.

Oh, there is, using the -r syntax (like "-r now").  But since you were
backing up locally I thought cp would be easier for you.

  PP>   But think that scenario, monday i do full backup and next day
  PP> the first incremental backup, and the same for the third
  PP> day,second incremental backup.In third day evening someone
  PP> delete several files from several directories.So i am facing a
  PP> situation that i have to restore "unknow files".How can your
  PP> program help me to recover only the deleted files?

I see.  Right now there is no way to tell it "restore only the files
that have changed in these directories".  That is an option that could
perhaps be added (maybe in 1.1.x) but currently does not exist.  But I
think this is just a matter of speed and not functionality.  If you've
deleted files in /foo/bar and the backup is /backup/bar, you could

    rm -rf /foo/bar
    rdiff-backup -r <time> /backup/bar /foo/bar

Now, for the special case where the files are current in the mirror,
you CAN just restore the changed files, by using a mirroring tool:

    rsync -aH /backup/bar /foo/bar


    rdiff-backup -m /backup/bar /foo/bar

  PP> The first think that i can do is to find the corresponding
  PP> increment files,hard way, and restore them. Secondly, to restore
  PP> "1" day before in order to have the previous mirror. But will
  PP> this destroy the newer files?The files which i changed the third
  PP> day just before the disaster.  So how can i recover these files
  PP> with rdiff-backup?

I think perhaps I am not understanding your question again.  When you
restore you don't destroy anything, you just retrieve the information
from the archive and save it somewhere.  To recover a file or
directory you can run rdiff-backup on the associated increment or use
the "rdiff-backup -r <time> file" syntax.

Ben Escoto

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