script for determining space consumed by increments

Ben Escoto
Sat, 11 May 2002 20:16:48 -0700

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>>>>> "BE" == Ben Escoto <bescoto@Stanford.EDU>
>>>>> wrote the following on Sat, 11 May 2002 19:52:06 -0700

  BE> Actually the process is chunked into blocks whose size is
  BE> controlled by the Globals.blocksize value (currently set to
  BE> 32768 bytes).

Err, I should retract this; it looks like the relevant block size is
determined by Globals.conn_bufsize (.blocksize is for reading a file
from disk in blocks) which defaults to 4096 bytes, or only about 20
files at a time.

    Hmm, maybe the default of this should be higher, and ssh should by
default be run with the -C switch.  All the machines I have access to
are at Stanford and I generally get 1-2ms ping times.  If anyone wants
to try messing around with these options and seeing if they make a
difference, I'd be interested in the results.

Ben Escoto

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