Too big increment files

Ben Escoto
Wed, 08 May 2002 17:01:28 -0700

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>>>>> "IR" == ivan  <Windows-1252>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 8 May 2002 20:29:22 +0200

  IR> Hi, i want to use rdiff-backup for keeping and send the
  IR> increment files over internet, but i have a problem: im making
  IR> proves with a 17 MB Word document and changing only a few word,
  IR> the increment file is 17 MB.  I know that the problem is on
  IR> rdiff, i have make this proves with this one only and the result
  IR> is the same: a 17 MB increment file ( i prove whit changing the
  IR> block size, but nothing change).  Is very important for me make
  IR> a small increment files, and so, i someone knows where the
  IR> problem is, i will be very gratefully.  If the quiestion has to
  IR> be asked on other mailing list, let me know the address.  Thanks
  IR> for your help.

Yep, I don't work on rdiff; you might want to try the rproxy mailing
list at, for instance, or

    Also, if I remember correctly Donovan Baarda has recently fixed a
bug in rdiff so new versions of rdiff should make significantly
smaller diffs.  However, a version of rdiff with this bug fixed has
not been released yet, I think, and also I wouldn't have thought the
bug would result in behavior as extreme as what you are seeing.

Ben Escoto

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