two stupid questions

David Garamond
Thu, 02 May 2002 14:00:15 +0700

Ben Escoto wrote:
>   DG> personally, i believe moving the data directory outside the
>   DG> backup target is the best. this avoids "inband communication"
>   DG> (as is the case with 'From ' string in unix mailbox format,
>   DG> which is considered a bad thing).
>   DG> however, we can also do things like this:
>     ...
> The scheme you suggest would solve the problem of backing up an
> rdiff-backup mirror directory using rdiff-backup.  However, it seems
> less general than an option to specify a particular rdiff-backup-data
> directory.  

yes, a new --data-dir option is also fine with me. i'd like to put 
rdiff-backup-data/ dir outside the target dir.

>     Also, could you explain why it would be a good idea to use
> rdiff-backup on an rdiff-backup directory?  Wouldn't it be redundant
> not to use rsync (or rdiff-backup --mirror-only) instead?

no, i was just saying that, _suppose_ a source directory contains an 
rdiff-backup-data/. who knows? putting the data dir inside the target 
dir has a possibility of name clash with that.