two stupid questions

David Garamond
Wed, 01 May 2002 19:05:19 +0700

i found rdiff-backup today and was going ecstatic! network- AND
space-efficient backup tool with history is what i have longed for so
long. thank god someone had made the tool available to the public.
thanks ben!

my two stupid questions:

1) what if i have a subdirectory named rdiff-backup-data/ in the first
subdirectory level? currently rdiff-backup totally ignores it. can i
move the rdiff-backup-data/ directory outside the destination directory?

2) can i speed up backup-rdiff invocation? since python has to compile
thousands of lines per invocation, this took almost two seconds. a
little bit annoying. my quick hack is like this: rename rdiff-backup to and create a wrapper python script rdiff-backup:

#!/usr/bin/env python2
from rdiff_backup import *
Globals.Main = Main()

so that python compiles to rdiff_backup.pyc. the second
and subsequent invocation of the wrapper script only takes subsecond.

perhaps another step is to rearrange rdiff_backup to become two parts? a
library that can be used programatically from other python code, and the
   rdiff-backup executable that mainly consists of argument parsing?

once again, thanks for writing rdiff-backup!