Crash report: exceptions.OSError

Ben Escoto
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 00:25:38 -0800

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>>>>> "LB" == Leo Breebaart <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Thu, 14 Mar 2002 18:20:51 +0100

  LB> After a while it crashed with the stack trace I've appended to
  LB> the end of this mail. It is indeed the case that while
  LB> rdiff-backup was running I was also doing some housekeeping and
  LB> happened to delete the 'jpegoptim' directory in question -- but
  LB> that's no excuse for a crash...

Are you sure it really crashed?  On my system I was able to recreate
part of the error:

Exception [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'output/subdir2/subdir31' raised of class exceptions.OSError
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 4470, in check_skip_error
    try: return thunk()
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 4441, in error_checked
    indexed_tuple =
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3291, in Collate2Iters
    try: relem1 =
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 4306, in diffs
    for dsrp, dest_sig in collated:
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3291, in Collate2Iters
    try: relem1 =
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 398, in yieldb
    elem = # exception will be passed
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3632, in helper_starting_from
    for dsrp in helper_starting_from(
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3623, in helper_starting_from
    for dsrp in helper(dsrpath): yield dsrp
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3644, in helper
    for dsrp in helper(dsrpath.append(filename)):
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 3641, in helper
    dir_listing = dsrpath.listdir()
  File "../rdiff-backup", line 2437, in listdir
    return self.conn.os.listdir(self.path)

Skipping file

But then it just says "Skipping file" and goes on.  If rdiff-backup
finished shortly afterwards you might have just seen the the error
message and assumed it crashed when it really didn't.

Ben Escoto

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