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Ben Escoto
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:10:58 -0800

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>>>>> "aki" == Akash Jain <aki.jain@Stanford.EDU>
>>>>> wrote the following on Tue, 12 Mar 2002 09:54:55 -0800

  aki> That's proabably a good idea, to use MIME types.  Hey Ben E.,
  aki> in the RPMS did you reset: rate=10.000000 It's a good way to
  aki> get the files at a higher rate.  I.e. if you are streaming off
  aki> scpd, it will take a while if rate=1.000000 because it streams
  aki> at the rate of the actual class, if you speed it up you can
  aki> download at 10 times (I think) that speed.  It takes 5 mins to
  aki> get classes with this set.

No, I didn't change it, but that sounds like a good idea.  Do you
think it would be incompatible with some servers (why didn't the
author just set it in the first place)?  If so, maybe you could make
it into a command line parameter and send me the patch?

  aki> As far as getting movies off of scpd, they have all their links
  aki> in an xml file for each class.  I wrote a little java prog to
  aki> parse the xml and grab the class/es.  It's a 5 min effort
  aki> (though a lil crude), but useful.  -aki-

Well, not many philosophy classes are available on video, so I had
generic internet sites (e.g. cnn) more in mind.  Haven't tried the
MIME types yet though.

Ben Escoto

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