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>>>>> "SV" == docv  <docv@sbcglobal.net>
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  SV> Ben, On the rdiff-backup website it says that it does not read
  SV> or write data files, what exactly does this mean? Are data files
  SV> not backedup?

  SV> My intended use for rdiff-backup is to have an off-site copy of
  SV> the HD from a web server. The backup/copy needs to be such that
  SV> the HD I back it up to can be pulled from my box here, shipped
  SV> to the server box location and installed without having to do a
  SV> bunch of reconfiguring. I will mount a separate HD in my
  SV> destination box and use it as the target dir for the backup.

  SV> Will rdiff-back do this? I thought it would, but after reading
  SV> the website, now I'm not sure.

If I understand you correctly, rdiff-backup should be able to do what
you want.  All I meant was that rdiff-backup doesn't use data files
that are in a format specific to rdiff-backup.  It saves data files,
but does the saving just by copying them or using diff files made by

    I've changed the web page to be clearer on this point.

Ben Escoto

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