-mount (--one-file-system) like option for rdiff-backup?

Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:10:38 -0700

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Ok, I see your point.  I can think of two ways of implementing this.
Either way, I think the option should fit into the current
include/exclude priority scheme.

1.  Have an --exclude-other-devices switch, that excludes files on
    devices other than the device the root is on.  So if /usr were on
    a different device, "--include /usr/local --exclude-other-devices"
    would include /usr/local and everything under it, but not anything
    else in /usr.

2.  Unfortunately, the above scheme doesn't have an easy way of saying
    "backup / and /usr/local, but don't move from one device to
    another given that."  "--exclude-other-devices --include
    /usr/local --exclude-other-devices" wouldn't work, because
    /usr/local would be excluded first before the --include was

    So one way would be add a --exclude-different-device-from switch,
    so the above could be accomplished by saying,
    "--exclude-different-device-from /usr/local --include /usr/local
    --exclude-different-device from /".

Hmm, and I guess there could also be --include-same-device-as <file>
switches...  But maybe the situation in (2) doesn't come up very
often and (1) is good enough...

Ben Escoto

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