Version 0.9.2 released

Ben Escoto
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:40:34 -0700

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This version has some new optimizations and doesn't use rdiff.
Backing up my hard disk locally takes about 90 minutes with 0.8.0, 55
minutes with 0.9.0/0.9.1 and 35 minutes with 0.9.2.

    Unfortunately the current official version of librsync leaks a lot
of memory, so if you are still running librsync 0.9.5 I recommend you
upgrade to the "" version I just put on the rdiff-backup home

>From the changelog:

New in v0.9.2 (2002/06/27)

Interface directly with librsync(.a|.so) instead of running "rdiff"
command line utility.  This can significant save fork()ing time when
processing lots of smallish files that have changed.  Also, rdiff is
no longer required to be in the PATH.

Further speed optimizations, mostly reducing CPU consumption when
scanning through unchanged files.

Fixed Path bug which could caused globbing and regexp include/exclude
statements to malfunction when the base of the source directory was
"/" (root of filesystem).  Thanks to Vlastimil Adamovsky for noting
this bug.

Added quoting for spaces in directory_statistics file, hopefully
making it easier to parse.

Ben Escoto

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