0.7.6 slower than 0.6.1

Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:48:04 -0700

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>>>>> "KS" == Kevin Spicer <Spicer>
>>>>> wrote the following on Fri, 14 Jun 2002 16:00:31 +0100

  KS> Hi, I recently upgraded from 0.6.1 stable to 0.7.6 development,
  KS> in the hopes it might help speed up my backup to a remote
  KS> machine.  0.7.6 is taking much longer (13 hours rather than
  KS> about 8 hours).

It's probably just that rdiff-backup has gotten more CPU hungry while
I've been adding features.  How many files are there, about 500000?  I
hope 0.9.x will see some speed enhancements.

  KS> If I can't sort this out I may have to go back to 0.6.1 - is
  KS> this likely to cause any problems?

I don't think so, but when you restore you'll have to use 0.7.x if
there were any compressed diff files, as 0.6.x won't recognize them.

Ben Escoto

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