--bwlimit option?

Nicholas Lee nj.lee@plumtree.co.nz
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 12:57:51 +1200

On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 05:48:30PM -0700, Ben Escoto wrote:
> You mean in rdiff-backup?  Someone asked about this before, but there


> wasn't much discussion.  My thought that all is required is to limit
> how much data passes through the pipe to ssh, and that there is
> nothing rdiff-backup specific about the situation at all.  Given that,
> perhaps it might be best to use a 3rd party utility instead of

Any suggestions on a 3rd party app?  Two apps I know wget and rsync both
do it themselves.  I've looked around and haven't really seen anything.  

Seems to be the only generic way would be via some proxy.  Which seems
like a lot to add for a simple 'sleep for a period and let tcp rate
limit itself'.

> building this functionality into rdiff-backup.  Then, perhaps later a
> special --bwlimit type switch could be added which just passes some
> parameter to this other utility, the way --ssh-no-compression does
> now.

Personally I wish ssh had this option.  

>     But if this is the wrong approach for some reason then it seems
> more code and special switches should be added to rdiff-backup.

Maybe code can be borrowed from wget or rsync.  

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