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mike wolman mike@nux.co.uk
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 00:37:24 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Johan,

I assume what you need to back up must be read/written by root at both
ends, if so your situation is similar to mine - backing up and preserving
user and group ownerships of the files.

After decideing sshing as root was a bad idea, i have setup sudo for a
backup user, i am not running this via cron so each backup is manually run
and the backup users password is entered, however i dont see why you cant
do this with sshkeys, but i think cron is the way to go for this.


On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Johan Aberg wrote:

> Hi!
> Some things I've run into:
> I want to backup once an hour all files that ends with .mb, .ma, .aep. Is there a way I can tell rdiff-backup to do only do that?
> Is cron the way to go when using rdiff-backup automaticly?
> I've tried to run rdiff-backup through remote access. Like this:
> rdiff-backup /some/local-dir hostname.net::/whatever/remote-dir
> I have to manually enter the password for root. I just can't get ssh to automaticly enter the password. Does anyone have a good howto page to point me to to help me get this to work.
> Only if I do the remote option, rdiff is used when doing backups, is that right? If I've mounted the directory with NFS that I want to backup, rdiff-backup will not be as efficient, not doing this rdiff thing? Have I got it right?
> Thanks for a great application!
> -johan
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