How-to for installing Rdiff on RH7.2 system?

Ben Escoto
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:45:19 -0800

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>>>>> "MI" == Mike Ickes <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:56:56 -0500

  MI> Has anyone installed Rdiff on a RedHat7.2 system? As I
  MI> understand it RedHat needed to stay with the 1.5 version of
  MI> Python and upgrading to a newer version will break some things
  MI> on a RedHat7.2 system.

  MI> I can install python2.2 from the source doing the usual
  MI> "./configure, make, make install" dance, however when I go to
  MI> install Rdiff I get failed dependencies that it cannot find a
  MI> python version >=2.2 and Librsync. When I try to install
  MI> Librsync I again get dependency errors. Can anyone point me to a
  MI> README or How-to to get this installed? I know I can install
  MI> Python2.2 along side version 1.5 but I am unsure as to the hard
  MI> links and or sym links that need to be done so that Rdiff is
  MI> satisfied.

  MI> Would installing Rdiff from src alleviate any dependency
  MI> problems? If it will I would be willing to install Python,
  MI> Librsync and Rdiff from sources.

Hi, I run RH7.2 and just installed python version 2.2 over 1.5.  I
think I used the rawhide RPMs.  rpm told me there were some packages
which depended on v1.5 so I just downloaded new rpms of those packages
and installed them after installing v2.2.  Then I installed the rdiff
and rdiff-backup rpms.  I forget exactly what I did, but I think it's
relatively painless if you stick with rpms.

Ben Escoto

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