How-to for installing Rdiff on RH7.2 system?

Mike Ickes
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:56:56 -0500

Has anyone installed Rdiff on a RedHat7.2 system? As I understand it RedHat 
needed to stay with the 1.5 version of Python and upgrading to a newer 
version will break some things on a RedHat7.2 system.

I can install python2.2 from the source doing the usual "./configure, make, 
make install" dance, however when I go to install Rdiff I get failed 
dependencies that it cannot find a python version >=2.2 and Librsync. When 
I try to install Librsync I again get dependency errors. Can anyone point 
me to a README or How-to to get this installed? I know I can install 
Python2.2 along side version 1.5 but I am unsure as to the hard links and 
or sym links that need to be done so that Rdiff is satisfied.

Would installing Rdiff from src alleviate any dependency problems? If it 
will I would be willing to install Python, Librsync and Rdiff from sources.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank You!

Mike Ickes