0.4.4 and exclude-device-files

mike wolman mike@nux.co.uk
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:35:12 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Ben,

I have just replace rdiff-backup on the the backup server and the machine
causing a problem,

I have tried the "exclude-device-files" option but this did not work,
and your email said ignore-device-files so i looked at the source to
check while i was there i decided to try a quick fix:

        def _getdevnums(self):
                """Return tuple for special file (major, minor)"""
        #       if Globals.exclude_device_files:
                        # No point in finding numbers because it will be excluded anyway
                return ()

        #       cmdline = "stat -t %s" % self.quote()
        #       statpipe = self.conn.os.popen(cmdline)
        #       statoutputlist = statpipe.read().split()
        #       if statpipe.close(): raise RPathException("Error running " + cmdline)
        #       return tuple(map(lambda x: int(x, 16), statoutputlist[9:11]))

I know this clobbers backing up any dev files but MAKEDEV will sort them
out if required.

I am not that familiar with python but had a run though and could not see
why option is not being passed to _getdevnums.

Not much of a patch.


On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Ben Escoto wrote:

> >>>>> "MW" == mike wolman <mike@nux.co.uk>
> >>>>> wrote the following on Mon, 7 Jan 2002 20:04:44 +0000 (GMT)
>   MW> Hi Ben, I have checked and am pretty sure there are no dev files
>   MW> being backed up, this is the command line i am using:
>   MW> I will have an extra check to see if there are any other dev
>   MW> files about but it is a plain webserver without anything special
>   MW> running.
> Did you ever find the device file?  (You can see which file
> rdiff-backup objects to by setting to a high verbosity, like 7.)  If
> there really are no device files then there must be some logic error
> in rdiff-backup.
>     Also, the newest version has an --ignore-device-files option, so
> if it is messing up device files, you can just tell it to ignore all
> of them.
> --
> Ben Escoto