Can't stat -t problem
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 13:36:52 EST

rdiff-backup usually uses python's os.lstat() function to stat files.  
However, probably for portability reasons, python's stat doesn't yield enough 
information to backup device files.  So if rdiff-backup is run on a device 
file, it will execute 'stat -t' to find the major/minor device numbers for 
the file, and then will run mknod to make the target file.

If 'stat -t' doesn't work on the 6.2 box then rdiff-backup won't be able to 
backup dev files there either.  If it has worked so far it's probably because 
there are no dev files.

I'm open to suggestions on better ways of dealing with dev files, because the
'stat -t'/mknod way isn't very portable.  But I've just assumed that the dev 
files live in /dev, so they are easy to exclude, and not very important to 
backup since most systems have a MAKEDEV file that recreates them.

Ben Escoto