problem with rdiff-backup-0.5.1

Ben Escoto
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:10:44 -0800

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>>>>> "AA" == Alberto Accomazzi <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:10:14 -0500

  AA> I'm back trying to use rdiff-backup after a hyatus of a few
  AA> months spent on other little projects, and was happy to see a
  AA> much improved version around.

  AA> I call the script as user ads_back with the following options:
  AA> rdiff-backup /proj/ads/soft /proj/ads-md3/backups/proj/ads/soft
  AA> and the script crashes after it copies over files in the first
  AA> directory.  From the traceback, it looks to me like it's trying
  AA> to modify the access time of the original directory.  Why is
  AA> that and can I do anything to avoid the problem?

Yep, a new bug.  The enclosed patch should fix it.  I also added a
test case for this on my end so hopefully this won't come up later..

Ben Escoto

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--- rdiff-backup.old	Thu Feb 28 15:06:47 2002
+++ rdiff-backup	Thu Feb 28 15:06:08 2002
@@ -3462,11 +3462,10 @@

 		if self.perms_delayed and self.newperms:
 			self.conn.os.chmod(self.path, self.getperms())
-		if (self.times_delayed and (self.newtimes or self.isdir())
-			and not self.issym()):
+		if self.times_delayed and not self.issym():
 				self.settime_bypass(self.getatime(), self.getmtime())
-			else: self.setmtime_bypass(self.getmtime())
+			elif self.newtimes: self.setmtime_bypass(self.getmtime())


 class DestructiveStepping:

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