Another glitch

Ben Escoto
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 13:12:57 -0800

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>>>>> "docv" == docv  <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:05:04 -0600

  docv> Ok, I started rdiff-backup around 1:40 am this morning and
  docv> when I checked on it around 10:00 am the HD on the source box
  docv> was going crazy (making all kinds of activity noise) and the
  docv> gnome terminal I ran rdiff-backup from was still waiting for
  docv> it to complete. There's less than 1.5 gig of data on the
  docv> source and I know it shouldn't take that long to backup.

  docv> Where can I go (on the source or destination box) to begin to
  docv> track down the trouble? I looked in
  docv> /'dest-backup-dir'/rdiff-backup-data at the files there and
  docv> can figure out the naming convention of the file, but how do I
  docv> figure out what the data in the file means? Or is there
  docv> another place on my box I can go to track down what went
  docv> wrong?

I've never seen this...  Right now the only thing I can think of is to
set the verbosity pretty high (-v7 maybe) and send me the logfile or
relevant parts of the logfile.  Also, when you abort it, do it with
Control-C and send me the traceback.

    Verbosity 9 should definitely provide enough information since all
network traffic gets logged and dated, but that can increase backup
times by a lot (factor of 5?) so maybe try -v7 first.

Ben Escoto

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