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Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:20:35 -0600


I am running v0.5.1 as I write this (and so far it appears to be working 
correctly), however I have acouple of other questions:

1.) I am getting 2 different messages from the program as it runs;

Found socket, ignoring (I would think this is no big deal,  aren't the 
sockets files more or less temp files anyway?)

multiple files and/or directories which return an error that no read or 
exec permissions.....skipping.

I am logging in to both boxes as root, how can a file not be readable by 
root? I don't understand that one.

2.) How can I set rdiff-backup to run as a cron job automatically at the 
off peak hours? I do know how to set up cron jobs, but how to I get 
rdiff-backup to log in to the boxes without me having to manually input 
the passwords? Is that possible?

Again, thanks for your help and your patients!!!! I've seen on other 
lists were newbies who ask questions such as these are torn to shreds 
adn chastized by those who have years of daily experience with 
administering linux systems.


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