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>>>>> "docv" == docv  <docv@sbcglobal.net>
>>>>> wrote the following on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 07:58:32 -0600

  docv> I understand what each of these files are, however, 'locate
  docv> rdiff' now shows '/usr/bin/rdiff'. Where did that file come
  docv> from? (ok I assume it was written by rdiff-backup) Why doesn't
  docv> it get put in the same dir as rdiff-backup?
  docv> I also noticed that the rdiff file is only on the destination
  docv> box and not on the source box. What is this file for?

rdiff and rdiff-backup are two different programs written by different
people.  rdiff is made by the people who wrote rsync.  It is like
diff(1) but works with binary files.  rdiff-backup extends this idea
to multiple files, non-regular files, client/server, etc.

    I'm not sure how you got the rdiff you have now, it must have come
with your system.  Now you need to install rdiff on the source machine
too.  To download, see:


  docv> On the system we want to be using rdiff-backup to backup the
  docv> HD, we have a policy to put all executeable files in
  docv> '/lcl/bin' (that system, and policy, was setup and is
  docv> maintained by a gentleman that has used unix systems for many
  docv> years). Will that work?

It should as long as 'rdiff' can be found in your PATH.  To test this,
type 'rdiff' at the shell prompt on your computers.  If rdiff gets
run, then it is in your path.

Ben Escoto

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