New version 0.5.0 released

Fri, 22 Feb 2002 07:55:44 -0600

Ben Escoto wrote:

>From the error code (256) it seems likely that rdiff-backup can't find
>rdiff.  Do you get something like the normal message:
>~ $ rdiff
>rdiff: You must specify an action: `signature', `delta', or `patch'.
>Try `rdiff --help' for more information.
>rdiff: ERROR: bad command line syntax
>if you run rdiff from the shell?
Ok, I'm all confused now! When I untarred the tarball, there where only 
6 files;


I understand what each of these files are, however, 'locate rdiff' now 
shows '/usr/bin/rdiff'. Where did that file come from? (ok I assume it 
was written by rdiff-backup) Why doesn't it get put in the same dir as 

I copied it to /usr/sbin/rdiff, will that be sufficient or does it have 
to be in '/usr/bin'?

On the system we want to be using rdiff-backup to backup the HD, we have 
a policy to put all executeable files in '/lcl/bin' (that system, and 
policy, was setup and is maintained by a gentleman that has used unix 
systems for many years). Will that work?

Forgive my newbie ignorance, please.


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