New version 0.5.0 released

Ben Escoto
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:15:25 -0800

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I just put version 0.5.0 on the web page.  This has a lot of new code
which in theory should improve the way rdiff-backup handles and
recovers from errors, like a file not being readable or a connection
being dropped.  But it is hard to write test cases for stuff like
this, so please tell me of any errors that you find.

    Here is the related section of the changelog:

New in v0.5.0 (2002/02/17)

Now every so often (default is 20 seconds, the --checkpoint-interval
option controls it) rdiff-backup checkpoints by dumping its state to
temporary files in the rdiff-backup-data directory.  If rdiff-backup
is rerun with the same destination directory, it can either try to
resume the previous backup or at least clean things up so the archive
is consistent and accurate.

Added new options --resume, --no-resume, and --resume-interval, which
control when rdiff-backup tries to resume a previous failed backup.

Fixed a bug with the --exclude-device-files option which caused the
option to be ignored when the source directory was remote.

By default, if rdiff-backup encounters a certain kind of IOError
(currently types 26 and 5) while trying to access a file, it logs the
error, skips the file, and tries to continue.

If settings requiring an integer argument (like -v or
--checkpoint-interval) are given a bad (non-integer) argument, fail
with better explanation.

Fixed annoying logging bug.  Now no matter which computer a logging
message originates on, it should be routed to the process which is
writing to the logging file, and written correctly.  However, logging
messages about network traffic will not be routed, as this will
generate more traffic and lead to an infinite regress.

When calling rdiff, uses popen2.Popen3 and os.spawnvp instead of
os.popen and os.system.  This should make rdiff-backup more secure.
Thanks to Jamie Heilman for the suggestion.

Instead of calling the external shell command 'stat', rdiff-backup
uses os.lstat().st_rdev to determine a device file's major and minor
numbers.  The new method should be more portable.  Thanks to Jamie
Heilman for the suggestion.

All the file operations were examined and tweaked to try to
minimize/eliminate the chance of leaving the backup directory in an
inconsistent state.

Upon catchable kinds of errors, try to checkpoint before exiting so
later rdiff-backup processes have more information to work with.

At the suggestion of Jason Piterak, added a --windows-time-format
option so rdiff-backup will (perhaps) work under MS windows NT.

Ben Escoto

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