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Sat, 16 Feb 2002 09:56:18 -0600

Ben Escoto wrote:

>In order to copy device files, rdiff-backup tries using the 'stat'
>command to figure out the major/minor numbers and the 'mknod' command
>to make the device.  This only works if your stat and mknod are
>compatible with linux's.  You don't seem to have a 'stat' at all (why
>not?), so I suggest you exclude your device directory ("--exclude
>/dev") or use the new --exclude-device-files option.
Thanks Ben, that worked. The only errors I get with the --exclude /dev 
option  are 'socket found. ignoring' and another about no read 
permissions on sudo.  These are acceptable for now. I'm testing rdiff on 
my home system. I will be using it to backup a webserver that I help to 
manage (but that comes later after I'm comfortable with using it on my 
own systems. The box I'm testing rdiff-backup on is a clarkconnect 
router for my DSL connection. It is a very "paranoid" system. It likely 
does not include the stat command or the read permissions on sudo 
becuase of this (but I'm guessing here).


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