the importance of using safe interprocess communication

Jamie Heilman
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 23:52:47 -0800

Ben Escoto wrote:

> Thank you for the informative bug report.  This looks like yet another
> problem with the quoting code (I thought all the kinks were out of
> that, but oh well...).  I think it should be sufficient to change line
> 1968 to:
> 	regex_chars_to_quote = re.compile("[\\\\\\\"\\$`]")

Yeah I saw that upon further evaluation, however I assure you escaping
shell code is not the answer to this problem and will only lead to
more security holes.  Using the correct kind of system call is.  I'm
still working on a patch of some type, though your's should get me
through the night's backups.
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