restore problems

Pavlos Parissis
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 23:24:25 +0300

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:01:14 -0700 Ben Escoto <> wrote:
>  >>>>> "PP" == Pavlos Parissis <>
>  >>>>> wrote the following on Fri, 30 Aug 2002 21:11:07 +0300
>    PP> today i created my first incremental backup like this
>    PP> /usr/bin/rdiff-backup -v 6 --exclude
>    PP> /home/paul/.mozilla/paul/u7k3dbhc.slt/Cache \ /home/paul
>    PP> /mnt/extra/paul_backup/
>    PP> I read the log and saw lines like these Incrementing mirror file
>    PP> /mnt/extra/paul_backup/.mozilla/paul/u7k3dbhc.slt/Cache/037D58F1d01
>    PP> and i was wondering why?Since i exclude that dir.
>  If you had not --exclude'd them earlier, the first time rdiff-backup
>  is run with --exclude, it will "increment" them since it notes that
>  these files are newly missing from the backup set.
OK that i didn't know it.But for the nexts incremental backups how can i exclude this dir?

>    PP>   Secondly, i deleted 2 files form my home dir and i tried to
>    PP> find a way to restore them.  But, i didn't find any rdiff-backup
>    PP> options to do that.  i tried rdiff-backup --force
>    PP> scripts.2002-08-29T19\:07\:41+03\:00.dir, i chose this because
>    PP> under scripts directory was the 2 files which i deleted.  I got
>    PP> error that it can not overwrite the source dir so i gave
>    PP> rdiff-backup \ --force scripts.2002-08-29T19\:07\:41+03\:00.dir
>    PP> /home/paul/scripts2 but it didn't restore my files.  So i was
>    PP> wondering, on monday i did full backup,on tuesday i made a
>    PP> incremental backup and after that i deleted a file, why can i
>    PP> restore this file to my home dir with rdiff-backup?
>  Hmm, did the scripts directory contain those files at time
>  2002-08-29T19:07:41+03:00?  If you want to restore files from the most

No, i created these 2 files on 30/08/02.
>  recent backup, you can just use cp.  When you 'ls
>  /mnt/extra/paul_backup/scripts' do you see the files you just deleted?
Yes these 2 files are there.

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