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Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 10:00:43 -0700

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>>>>> "TP" == Tobias Polzin <polzin_spamprotect_@gmx.de>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 28 Aug 2002 18:40:53 +0200

  TP> b) do not use an additional mirror, but use rsync --dry-run to
  TP> find out, which files are new and which are deleted.  Copy the
  TP> new files to some directory NEWFILES.  But what then? Is there a
  TP> possibility to update only a certain list of files (I tried
  TP> --include, but this also removes all files that are not in the
  TP> list). I am looking for something like the inversion of
  TP> --restrict, a --allow-from-stdin.  This would be cool.

Sorry, currently rdiff-backup doesn't do what you describe.  But even
if it did, how would you copy the files to the NEWFILES directory?
And how would you tell rdiff-backup which directory those files were
in and which files were hardlinked to which files?

    An option like the one you describe could be added, but it would
take some work and I'm not sure it would be immediately useful to many
people.  (Of course, I could be missing possible applications.)

  TP> If that is not possible, I have to copy the current rdiff-backup
  TP> to a new file, add the files from NEWFILES, remove those files
  TP> that where deleted and than start rdiff-backup.  But this is a
  TP> waste of cpu-time...

I guess you could do this, but wouldn't this take up as much space (at
least temporarily) as the rsync solution?  You might as well copy the
rdiff-backup destination directory (minus the rdiff-backup-data
directory) and then use rsync on that.

  TP> By the way: Do you have experience how fast the
  TP> rdiff-backup-data directory for the diff-files grows?

Well, I only have much experience with my own backup set (root of
personal linux system).  Here are statistics for a typical increment:

ElapsedTime 2051.54 (34 minutes 11.54 seconds)
SourceFiles 464149
SourceFileSize 9385011476 (8.74 GB)
MirrorFiles 463928
MirrorFileSize 9391131828 (8.75 GB)
NewFiles 344
NewFileSize 6754384 (6.44 MB)
DeletedFiles 123
DeletedFileSize 13976668 (13.3 MB)
ChangedFiles 502
ChangedSourceSize 50613467 (48.3 MB)
ChangedMirrorSize 49511535 (47.2 MB)
IncrementFiles 970
IncrementFileSize 18290106 (17.4 MB)
TotalDestinationSizeChange 12169754 (11.6 MB)
Errors 0

Ben Escoto

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