merging rdiff-backups?

Ben Escoto
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 09:32:53 -0700

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>>>>> "GZ" == Gregor Zattler <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 28 Aug 2002 13:02:05 +0200

  GZ> Hi, until now i rdiff-backup my "/home".

  GZ> Now i plan to rdiff-backup "/" too (with "/home" (and with or
  GZ> without "/var" and "/usr")).  Is it possible to merge the old
  GZ> rdiff-backups for "/home" to the new rdiff-backup for "/" or to
  GZ> use it as a "seed"?

It's possible, but you will have to do it "manually", and it's kind of
a pain.  Suppose you ran:

    rdiff-backup /home /backup

Then you would:

    mv /backup /tmp
    mkdir /backup
    mv /tmp/rdiff-backup-data /backup
    mv /tmp /backup/home
    cd /backup/rdiff-backup-data
    mv increments tmp
    mkdir increments
    mv tmp increments/home

And now look at all the increments.<time>.dir files in
/backup/rdiff-backup-data.  For each one, rename it to
/backup/rdiff-backup-data/increments/home.<time>.dir, and then touch a
new increments.<time>.dir file in the same place, but this time make
sure it has the same ownership and permissions as your root
directory.  Now you can run:

    rdiff-backup / /backup

and the /home information will still be available.  (Hmm, of course
you really shouldn't run that, or at least --exclude /backup first.)

    I think this should work, but it is off the top of my head so I
may be forgetting some steps.

Ben Escoto

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