really small bug and a question for inhomgenous environments

Tobias Polzin
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 13:26:10 +0200


first of all, thanks for your programm.

I found a minor minor bug in the rdiff-backup 0.95:
--test-server requires an argument.
If called without, it raises an exception.
Therefore, line 162 of should be changed into:
	if l == 0 and action != "server":

The man page should be adopted
*** 310 ****
! .B --test-server
--- 310 ----
! .B --test-server host::filename
*** 426 ****
! rdiff-backup --test-server
--- 426 ----
! rdiff-backup --test-server

(the last diff puts the whole example hopefully in one line of the rman.

I have the task to think of a backup system for our local environment
(lot's of notebooks with windows and linux) and stumbled over your 
great rdiff-backup and want to give it a try. Because I do not
want to force everyone to install python2.2, I will use some
rsync to mirror the filesystem to a backup server, and than make
a rdiff-backup of this mirror for history backup. This may 
nearly double the necessary discspace, but brings the installation
effort to a fraction. Or do you have a better idea?