First version of duplicity released

Ben Escoto
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 23:38:43 -0700

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Hi all, I just uploaded the first real version of duplicity to:

It is a bit like rdiff-backup but encrypted.  Here is a short
description from the man page:

    Duplicity incrementally backs up files and directory by encrypting
    tar-format volumes with GnuPG and uploading them to a remote (or
    local) file server.  In theory many remote backends are possible;
    right now only the local or ssh/scp backend is written.  Because
    duplicity uses librsync, the incremental archives are space
    efficient and only record the parts of files that have changed
    since the last backup.  Currently duplicity supports deleted
    files, full unix permissions, directories, symbolic links, fifos,
    etc., but not hard links.

As the web page says, it is maybe alpha quality, so don't stake your
business on it.  Still, perhaps someone besides me will find it

    Feel free to use this list if anyone has any duplicity questions
or comments.

Ben Escoto

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