best way to mirror (not backup)

Jamie Heilman
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 15:27:11 -0700

rsync is arguably better suited to the task than rdiff-backup

> Can anyone recommend the best command-line to do this?

newhost:/# rsync -vaze ssh --delete oldhost:/home/ /home 
> Does anyone have any advice or know of any gotcha's I
> should watch out for.

The initial sync can be done anytime, the last one thats done just
before the switchover should be done once you've shut down all daemons
which are capable of changing any data under /home (including
disabling shell logins and kicking off any users if they are allowed
on that machine).  That way you ensure a consistent image between
hosts.  You should also probably turn on hardlink preservation, the
switch to rsync to do this eludes me at the moment, but I'm sure its
in the manual.

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