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Ben Escoto
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 21:47:31 -0700

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>>>>> "CD" == Chris Dumont <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:29:48 -0700

  CD> While I have the opportunity I would also like to vote for an
  CD> encryption option.

Is this is in response to my message from about a week ago about a
different backup utility somewhat like rdiff-backup that would do
encryption?  Or do you have in mind a way to add encryption directly
to rdiff-backup?

  CD> Anyway, the first problem is that the "--verbosity" (as opposed
  CD> to "-v") doesn't seem to work. See the typescript
  CD> below.

Good catch, thanks.  I've fixed it at my end and will include in
0.9.5.  Also, note that the --terminal-verbosity value defaults to the
-v/--verbosity value, so no need to set them both to the same thing
(but no reason not either).

  CD> Secondly, wildcard expansion in the "--include" option produces
  CD> errors when more than one file matches.
  CD> chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ sh -x butest.parse-error + VERBOSITY=6 +
  CD> rdiff-backup --terminal-verbosity 6 -v6 --include
  CD> gold/boot/config123 gold/boot/config234 --exclude gold/boot gold
  CD> silver
  CD> Error: Too many arguments given See the rdiff-backup
  CD> manual page for instructions

The --include option only takes one argument.  If you use a wildcard
you have to make sure it doesn't get expanded by the shell.

Ben Escoto

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