two minor problems

Chris Dumont
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:29:48 -0700


First of all let me say that I'm quite looking forward to using 
rdiff-backup. It's just what I was looking for. While I have the 
opportunity I would also like to vote for an encryption option.

Anyway, the first problem is that the "--verbosity" (as opposed to "-v") 
doesn't seem to work. See the typescript below. Secondly, wildcard 
expansion in the "--include" option produces errors when more than one 
file matches.

I looked in the archives and hadn't noticed either of these problems. 
I'm using rdiff-backup 0.8 from the Debian rdiff-backup package version 

Chris Dumont

Script started on Wed Jul 31 17:07:37 2002
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ find
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ cat butest
#! /bin/bash

VERBOSITY=6    # 0 is silent, 9 is noisiest, 3 is normal.

rdiff-backup \
--terminal-verbosity ${VERBOSITY} \
--include "gold/boot/config*" \
--exclude gold/boot \
gold silver

chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ ./butest.verbose_error
Fatal Error: Verbosity must be a number, received '' instead.
Cleaning up
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ diff ./butest.verbose_error ./butest
< --verbosity ${VERBOSITY} \
 > -v${VERBOSITY} \
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ sh -x butest.parse-error
+ rdiff-backup --terminal-verbosity 6 -v6 --include gold/boot/config123 
gold/boot/config234 --exclude gold/boot gold silver
Error: Too many arguments given
See the rdiff-backup manual page for instructions
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ diff ./butest.parse-error ./butest
< --include gold/boot/config* \
 > --include "gold/boot/config*" \
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ sh -x butest
+ rdiff-backup --terminal-verbosity 6 -v6 --include 'gold/boot/config*' 
--exclude gold/boot gold silver
Making directory silver
Making directory silver/rdiff-backup-data
Regular copying ('boot',) to silver/rdiff-backup.tmp.2
Making directory silver/rdiff-backup.tmp.2
Touching mirror marker 
Cleaning up
chrisd@kitty:~/temp$ exit