cron question

Jeremy Jeremy" <
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:11:56 -0700

Hopefully other people have had this issue setting up a cron job.  I am
using RH 7.1 machines and have ironed out the ssh issues
( . was a great
resource)  the rdiff-backup command works great at not needing
authentication when run.  But when added to crontab the job fails, cron
sends me notification   " /usr/bin/env: python2.2: No such file or
directory. "  This is obviously because cron can't see the env file right?
I mean, the file /usr/bin/env is definitely there.  I read something about
cron jobs dropping out of paths because its own path is shorter?  Any
input would be helpful- I am scanning through the archives on all cron
related material- Thanks