0.7.3 released

Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:48:54 -0700

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>From the changelog:

New in v0.7.3 (2002/04/29)

Fixed broken remote operation in v0.7.2 by applying (a variant of)
Daniel Robbins' patch.  Also fixed associated bug in test set.

Fixed bug recognizing --[include|exclude]-filelist-stdin options, and
IndexError bug reading some filelists.

--force is no longer necessary if the target directory is empty.

--include/--exclude/etc now work for restoring as they do for backing up.

Raised verbosity level for traceback output - if long log error
messages are annoying you, set verbosity to 2.  Will come up with a
better logging system later.

May have fixed a problem encountered by Matthew Farrellee and Kevin
Spicer wherein the _session_info_list information was stored on the
wrong computer.  This could cause rdiff-backup to fail when running
after another backup that failed for a different reason.  May backport
this fix to 0.6.0 later.

May have fixed a problem also noticed by Matthew Farrellee which can
cause rdiff-backup to exit when a directory changes into into a
non-directory file while rdiff-backup is processing the directory.
(May also apply to 0.6.0).

Fixed a bug noticed by Jamie Heilman where restoring could fail if a
recent rdiff-backup process which produced the backup set was aborted
while processing a new directory.  (May also apply to 0.6.0)

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