Odd request

Jeremy Koch jjk@psouth.net
28 Apr 2002 23:27:53 -0400

	Hello all,

I have been using rdiff-backup 0.6.0 for nightly backups.  If the backup
session is a success my cron job runs the following: rdiff-backup
--remove-older-than 7D my.hostname.dom::/home/backup/mybackupdir.

So I end up with seven days worth of backups.  What I would like to do
is also keep a 4 weekly snapshots.  IE 7/5/2002, 14/5/2002,
21/5/2002...  Does anyone have any suggestions for this, or should I
just setup a weekly cron job that backs up to a seperate directory?

Thanks for your time, 



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