Feature request - bwlimit?

Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 22:37:13 -0700

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>>>>> "DY" == Dan Young <dan_young@parkrose.k12.or.us>
>>>>> wrote the following on Wed, 24 Apr 2002 13:34:38 -0700

  DY> As we make the transition from rsync to rdiff-backup for "live"
  DY> backups here in Parkrose School District, there's basically only
  DY> _one_ thing I miss.

  DY> This is the --bwlimit=x (where x is the bandwidth cap in kb)
  DY> argument for rsync. Very useful for backing up during the day
  DY> w/o killing our WAN connection to the backup server which is at
  DY> another site.

Yes, I can see the utility, but wouldn't it be possible to do this
without adding features to rdiff-backup?  It really seems like there
should be some generic way of bandwidth limiting ssh, or maybe a
stream in general.

    Perhaps some ssh/pipe expert reading this can suggest a solution.
ssh doesn't seem to do it internally, but at freshmeat I found a
project called "cstream" which ostensibly can limit the bandwidth used
by an arbitrary stream.  It seems it should be possible to hook it up
in serial with rdiff-backup and ssh (using --remote-schema) to limit
the bandwidth used.

    So anyway I'm not sure this is best done inside rdiff-backup,
although I could be convinced otherwise.  If it turns out there is an
external Right Way to do it, say using cstream or some ssh option I
don't know about, perhaps a --bwlimit option could be added to
rdiff-backup that would just invoke the required program in the right
way, in the same way that the user@host::filename syntax starts up ssh
in the appropriate way.

Ben Escoto

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