[rproxy-devel] rdiff deltas not very good compared to pysync, why?

Shirish H. Phatak shirish@tacitnetworks.com
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 21:46:09 -0400

Hi Martin,

   I can definitely help in managing the librsync package, especially 
since I will be maintaining our local tree anyway. As of now, I don't 
have the resources to get the Windows stuff tested; however, I can 
handle the Unix side of things. Maybe Donovan would be interested in 
managing the Windows effort?

   I am fine with either Sourceforge or samba.org. I have used the 
former quite extensively during Intermezzo development, but most of my 
usage was CVS access, so I don't think either site would make much of a 


Martin Pool wrote:

>On 24 Apr 2002, "Shirish H. Phatak" <shirish@tacitnetworks.com> wrote:
>>       Since there appears to be a dedicated group of users and lots of 
>>activity, maybe we can convince Martin to roll in these patches and make 
>>a new release?
>I have been really lax in supporting librsync for the last few months,
>because of a new job and taking over maintenance of rsync itself.
>Needless to say I'm delighted that people find it useful.
>I'd like it if Shirish and/or Donovan (or somebody else) could join 
>in managing the package.  I think it might be good to set up a 
>small web site for librsync, as it seems at the moment there's more
>interest in librsync as distinct from rproxy.  Even more important
>is to test and (if appropriate) merge the patches that have been 
>sent in, and then make a new release.  We can either keep it on 
>samba.org or move to sourceforge or somewhere else; in either case 
>I'll give you the appropriate access.
>Is anyone interested?