how to unbungle a bad backup

Jamie Heilman
Sun, 14 Apr 2002 16:24:07 -0700

So - without going into the sordid details, (lets just say I fell
asleep before I was able to something that really needed to be done)
I've got myself into a nice spot.  My source directory which was
normally ~60G of files kinda got replaced by something that was only
about ~60M and as such didn't contain anywhere near the amount of
files it should have.  But rdiff-backup ran and tried to accomodate
the differences, but it ran out of space for the massive amount of
incrementals that it would have needed.  Now I'm left with a rather
harshed backup directory.  I removed about 5 days of incrementals to
get some space back on the partition, and I fixed my source directory
so it has what it should have had in it.  Now how do I convince
rdiff-backup to rollback what it tried to do the day before and
couldn't finish so I can create a new set of incrementals from the
correct data?  Or should I just invalidate the last 30 days of
incrementals and start over after putting on my hair-shirt and going
for a jog?

Jamie Heilman         
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