regexp support

Donovan Baarda
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 00:07:01 +1000

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 04:34:27PM -0700, Ben Escoto wrote:
>   LDM> I've just read the thread on --exclude --include syntax plans
>   LDM> for rdiff-backup. Please don't follow the rsync route by using
>   LDM> their perverted shell globing and rules.
> Well, I am almost done with the file selection stuff and have already
> added all the perverted globbing stuff.  But regexp lovers can
> continue to use --exclude-regexp and --include-regexp and ignore the
> new --(include|exclude)(-from-filelist)? switches.

I'm interested to know what changes you might have made to my
and I really want to keep my stuff as common code if I can.

>     Another example:  if someone tries:
>         rdiff-backup --exclude bin usr/local /backup
> rdiff-backup will notice that "bin" won't match anything in usr/local
> and yell until they write:

How do you test this? It would not be simple.

>         rdiff-backup --exclude usr/local/bin usr/local /backup
> or maybe (depending on what they meant):
>         rdiff-backup --exclude **/bin usr/local /backup
> so having a familiar, but more limited, syntax can help the program
> run more checks and keep users from doing things they don't intend.

I really don't like --include and --exclude being matched against the full
local path. I'd much prefer if the --include and --exclude expressions were
taken as relative to the source path. This allows you to use the same
--include --exclude options for backing up a partition that happens to be
mounted at a different point. This is equivalent to an implicit os.path.join
of the source and each --include --exclude pattern.

I would prefer that your first example not "yell", but instead be the
correct way of doing it.

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