Installing rdiff-backup on RedHat 7.2

Ben Escoto
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 12:11:35 -0700

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>>>>> "TH" == Trevor Harmon <>
>>>>> wrote the following on Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:34:38 +0900

  TH> Ah, thanks for the tip. I should have guessed that, since RedHat
  TH> has a history of doing that - gcc3, for example.

  TH> Unfortunately, only a python2.1 RPM is availble from
  TH> Does rdiff-backup really require 2.2, or can it be
  TH> run under 2.1? And do you know where I can find a 2.2 RPM?

Hmm, for some reason rpmfind doesn't seem to be offering up Rawhide
packages in response to searches.  But they are still on the site, see
for instance:

  TH> Yes, but source RPMs are very expensive in terms of disk space
  TH> (all the object files they create) and processing (the compile
  TH> time). That's why I always prefer the binary RPMs - small and
  TH> quick.

I try to get binaries too, but if they don't work then src rpms aren't
much worse.  Once you are done with the process the storage
requirements are the same, and often it much quicker to compile a
source rpm than to search for the exact right binary rpm.

  TH> I don't think you need to go to all that trouble. Just a notice
  TH> in a readme or on your website would be enough. Besides, RedHat
  TH> 7.3 is coming out soon, and it will probably include Python 2.2.

Yes, I think 7.3 does include 2.2, but Redhat says they will not
package it under the "python" name until 8.x so they don't break
binary compatibility.  But you are probably right - I just added a FAQ
on this issue and added a little note beside the RPMs.  Hopefully that
will be enough.

Ben Escoto

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