Front end for rdiff-backup

Trevor Harmon
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:55:15 +0900

First, let me say how great a program rdiff-backup is. It's exactly what I 
need for backing up my Linux system onto an external hard drive. Most of the 
commercial/shareware backup programs have feature glut, IMO, and thus are a 
little overpriced. Many of them also pack the backup files into a proprietary 
compressed archive, so you're forced to use their interface to view or 
restore a backup set. That's why I really like how rdiff-backup is a simple 
command-line tool that just copies the files verbatim. That way, I can check 
the contents of the backup sets (as well as restore individual files) using a 
file explorer of my choice. And of course the incremental roll-back and 
remote copy features are great, too. I had been planning to write a similar 
tool in Perl for my own use, but it wouldn't have been nearly as powerful as 

The nice thing about rdiff-backup being a command-line utility is that users 
can choose how to run it. For example, many different front-ends could be 
made. I'm thinking about writing a simple KDE front end for rdiff-backup. Or 
has someone started a front end already? Let me know, so I can go ahead if 
one hasn't been done before.