Installing rdiff-backup on RedHat 7.2

Trevor Harmon
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:34:38 +0900

> >>>>> "TH" == Trevor Harmon <>
> >>>>> wrote the following on Sun, 7 Apr 2002 00:55:04 +0900
>   TH> RedHat 7.2 does not include Python 2.2, which apparently is
>   TH> required by rdiff-backup. Unfortunately, I can't find Python 2.2
>   TH> for RedHat. On, there are many 2.2 packages, but
>   TH> none for RedHat. I tried installing the Mandrake package of
>   TH> Python 2.2, and that seemed to work, but only after I installed
>   TH> with --nodeps, since it requires,
>   TH>, and, and I don't know where to
>   TH> get the RPMs for these.
>   TH> So, anyway, rdiff-backup seems to be working now, but I'm
>   TH> worried about my installation. Perhaps those missing libs I
>   TH> mentioned might come back to bite me later. Anybody know where
>   TH> to get the real (Rawhide?) Python 2.2 RPMs?
> Search for "python2" instead of "python" and you will find them.

Ah, thanks for the tip. I should have guessed that, since RedHat has a history 
of doing that - gcc3, for example.

Unfortunately, only a python2.1 RPM is availble from Does 
rdiff-backup really require 2.2, or can it be run under 2.1? And do you know 
where I can find a 2.2 RPM?

> Another way (I actually run Redhat, and this is what I did) is just to
> grab any python2.2 SOURCE rpm and --rebuild it.  Source rpms work
> great and are probably the answer to 90% of the dependency problems
> people complain about with rpms.

Yes, but source RPMs are very expensive in terms of disk space (all the object 
files they create) and processing (the compile time). That's why I always 
prefer the binary RPMs - small and quick.

>     In the future I should probably build special rh7x rpms that do
> steps 2 and 3 above automatically.

I don't think you need to go to all that trouble. Just a notice in a readme or 
on your website would be enough. Besides, RedHat 7.3 is coming out soon, and 
it will probably include Python 2.2.