Installing rdiff-backup on RedHat 7.2

Trevor Harmon
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 00:55:04 +0900

RedHat 7.2 does not include Python 2.2, which apparently is required by 
rdiff-backup. Unfortunately, I can't find Python 2.2 for RedHat. On, there are many 2.2 packages, but none for RedHat. I tried 
installing the Mandrake package of Python 2.2, and that seemed to work, but 
only after I installed with --nodeps, since it requires,, and, and I don't know where to get the RPMs 
for these.

So, anyway, rdiff-backup seems to be working now, but I'm worried about my 
installation. Perhaps those missing libs I mentioned might come back to bite 
me later. Anybody know where to get the real (Rawhide?) Python 2.2 RPMs?