v0.4.2 released

Ben Escoto bescoto@stanford.edu
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 16:30:13 -0800

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Oh, almost forgot, I put v0.4.2 on the web page.  The main change is
that I plugged a memory leak (I guess automatic garbage collection
doesn't save you from those..).  I only noticed because I was running
top and my rdiff-backup process had grown to 140MB!  Here is the the
changelog entry:

New in v0.4.2 (2001/11/19)

Significant speed increases (maybe 20% for local sessions) when
dealing with directories that do not need to be updated much.

Fixed memory leak.  rdiff-backup should now run in almost constant
memory (about 6MB on my system).

Enabled buffering of object transfers, so remote sessions can be
50-100%+ faster.

rdiff-backup now thinks it is running as root if the destination
connection is root.  Thus rdiff-backup will preserve ownership even if
it is not running as root on the source end.

If you abort rdiff-backup or it fails for some reason, it is now more
robust about recovering the next time it is run (before it could fail
in ways which made subsequent sessions fail also).  However, it is
still not a good idea to abort, as individual files could be in the
process of being written and could get corrupted.

If rdiff-backup encounters an unreadable file (or, if
--change-source-perms is given, a file whose permissions it cannot
change), it will log a warning, ignore the file, and continue, instead
of exiting with an error.

Ben Escoto

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