Memory Problem

Jan Kirchhoff
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:41:14 +0100

thanks for you answer,

On Mit, Dez 12, 2001 at 12:29:01 -0800, Ben Escoto wrote:
> Yes, there is a bug somewhere!  rdiff-backup is not supposed to use
> much memory.  I back up my whole system (7GB, hundreds of thousands of
> files) nightly using it and rdiff-backup 0.4.2 maxes out at approx 7MB
> of ram.  Unless you have one directory with a million files in it,
> rdiff-backup should not be using 80+ megs.

my testdirectory is 60megs in about 250 files, taht shouldn't be a

>     Another user told me he had gotten a MemoryException (out of
> memory error).  At the time I thought it must have been another
> process taking up all the memory, but apparently rdiff-backup can use
> up a lot too.

it's definitely the python-process that uses all the memory in my

>     Are you running it with any special options?  (For instance not
> turning off python's garbage collection somehow?)

rdiff-backup dir1 dir2

it has nothing to do with ssh which i used first...

sorry, i don't know python at all, so i can't really do some useful
debugging... do you have any suggestions what i could try?