RAPID Implementors' Guide

RAPID is the Rapid Ada Portable Interface Design Tool. It was originally implemented by Dr. Martin C. Carlisle of the United States Air Force Academy Department of Computer Science. Since its initial release in November 1998, several people have contributed to the design and implementation of the tool. Look under Help/About in RAPID for a list of contributors. In particular, the new code generation for the Mcc.Tki implementation of RAPID was completed by W. Blair Watkinson II.

This page is intended to help you add features to RAPID that you feel would be useful. RAPID is distributed under the GNAT Modified GNU Public License (GMGPL). You are free to modify and redistribute the sources according to the terms of the copyright notice in each package. Also, if you add features to RAPID, we would love to hear from you! Send submissions to the rapid-devel mailing list.

Implementor Topic Pages: