ranger - file manager


ranger is a file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. The secondary task of ranger is to psychically guess which program you want to use for opening particular files.

A note to packagers: There are now signed packages available here, and new ones are announced on this atom feed and on the mailing list.

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Optional, for enhanced file previews (with "scope.sh"):

Note: previewing images in "true color" is disabled by default. To enable it, first make sure you have w3m installed, then check that your terminal supports it. It was successfully tested with urxvt and xterm, while it did not work with gnome-terminal and st. Currently it does not work with tmux but with screen. Finally, add this line to your ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf and restart ranger:

set preview_images true

Note: to use custom file previews, you need ranger 1.3.1 or later, and a script that creates previews. Use the default script by typing:

ranger --copy-config=scope



This log documents changes between stable versions.

2015-05-04: version 1.7.1
* Added doc/cheatsheet.svg
* Added examples/rc_emacs.conf, a config file adding emacs-like key bindings
* Added "env" keyword in rifle.conf
* Fixed ":bulkrename" command in python3
* Fixed "S" key binding not working when SHELL=fish

2015-04-13: version 1.7.0
* The default editor is now "vim" instead of "nano"
* Added automatic updates of tags when a file is renamed from within ranger
* Added "preview_images_method" which can be set to "iterm2" to use native
  iTerm2 image previews
* Added ":rename_append" command to rename files without the file extension
* Added ":linemode" command to change the way the files are displayed
  Try this out by pressing M followed by one of the suggested keys.
  New linemodes can be added with ranger.api.register_linemode().
* Added ":filter_inode_type" command to only show directories, files or links
* Added ":meta" command for managing custom file metadata
* Added ":flat" command for displaying subdirectories
* Added "solarized" colorscheme
* Added generic ability to use scope.sh for image previews
* Added video previews in scope.sh
* Added option "sort_unicode" to sort according to unicode, not ASCII
* ":mkdir" can now create multiple directory levels (like `mkdir -p`)
* ":help" (key binding "?") is now interactive
* ":find" (key binding "/") is now case insensitive by default
* "ranger --copy-config=all" now copies a short sample commands.py rather than
  the full one, so that you can update ranger without having broken commands.
  The full commands.py is still copied to ~/.config/ranger/commands_full.py.
* Fixed broken copying of symlinks

2013-05-24: Version 1.6.1
* Added support for version control systems, see:
* Added :scout command as a unified backend to :find, :search, etc
* Added "open_all_images" setting to remove the need for external scripts
  to handle opening of all images in a directory at once.
* Now previewing with "i" uses the whole available width.

2013-02-22: Version 1.6.0
* Overhauled all config files.  Please update them or use the --clean switch
* Added "examples/" directory to source code which contains sample programs or
  plugins that can be used together with ranger
* Added progress bars to copying, moving and directory loading processes
* Added feature to draw images inside the console using w3mimgdisplay (you need
  to add "set preview_images true" in rc.conf)
* Added a plugin system like in the program "anki", i.e. place any python file
  into ~/.config/ranger/plugins/ and it will be imported by ranger
* Added a separate file launcher named "rifle" that is configured through
  rifle.conf and is installed as a standalone program.
  Using "ranger [filename]" from the shell for opening files is deprecated now,
  please use "rifle [filename]" instead.
* Added "uq" keybinding to undo closed tabs
* Added :setlocal command to change settings for specific directories only
* Added :travel command to move more quickly to your destination
* Added 256 color support for scope.sh
* Added a real yes/no prompt for :delete command
* Added settings: confirm_on_delete, draw_progress_bar_in_status_bar,
  preview_images, status_bar_on_top, update_tmux_title
* Added commands: :mark_tag, :unmark_tag
* Added BSD-friendly setsid implementation
* Added as-you-type filtering for :filter command
* Replaced "options.py" file by :set commands in rc.conf
* Replaced "apps.py" file with rifle.conf
* Improved "r" key to interface with rifle
* Rewritten "scope.sh" in POSIX shell
* Changed copying/moving code to work without GNU coreutils
* Changed key to untag files from "T" to "ut"
* Changed the flag "d" (for detached) to "f" (for fork) in program launcher
* Changed appearance of keybinding-hints and bookmarks
* Changed tabs with 4 spaces in the source code (see PEP 8)
* Removed ranger.core.environment class
* Removed settings: colorscheme_overlay, draw_bookmark_borders, init_function,
* Fixed zombie process apocalypse
* Fixed draw_borders=true in combination with padding_right=false

2012-08-10: Version 1.5.5
* Ensure that detached programs continue to run when ranger is killed

2012-05-03: Version 1.5.4
* Added exiftool to scope.sh by default
* Fixed a crash when entering a directory with a unicode name
* Speedup in ranger.ext.get_executables

2012-03-05: Version 1.5.3
* Added --selectfile option that selects a certain file on startup
* Added --list-tagged-files option
* Added --cmd option to run commands on startup
* Added --profile option for additional debug information on exit
* Added a visual mode (activate with "V", deactivate with Esc)
* Added a reversed visual mode (activate with "uV")
* Added $RANGER_LEVEL environment variable which ranger sets to "1" or higher
  so programs can know that they were spawned from ranger
* Added run flag "r" for running with root privileges (needs sudo)
* Added run flag "t" for running in a new terminal (as specified in $TERMCMD)
* Added :relink command to change destinations of symlinks
* Added "dc" binding for getting the cumulative size of a directory
* Added "autoupdate_cumulative_size" option
* Added "pht" binding to Paste Hardlinked subTrees (like cp -l)
* Improved sorting speed of signals (noticable when caching many directories)
* Improved drawing speed
* Fixed unexpected behavior when displaying nonprintable characters
* Fixed :bulkrename to work with files starting with a minus sign
* Fixed RangerChooser example in man page
* Fixed crash when opening images with sxiv/feh by running "ranger "

2011-10-23: Version 1.5.2
* Fixed graphical bug that appears in certian cases when drawing
  characters at the right edge.

2011-10-23: Version 1.5.1
* Added fm.select_file(path)
* Added --choosefiles option (like --choosefile, but chooses multiple files)
* Fixed --list-unused-keys
* Fixed Zombie processes
* Fixed handling of filenames with undecodable bytes (unicode surrogates)
* Fixed crashes due to incomplete loading of directories
* Fixed tab completion of the command "shell"
* Fixed "ot" and "oT" keys in rc.conf
* Fixed parsing of chained commands (like in the binding "om")

2011-10-11: Version 1.5.0
* Full python3.2 compatibility
* Added new configuration file "rc.conf" which contains a list
  of commands that are executed on startup - mainly used for keybindings
* Added --list-unused-keys
* Added new program handlers to apps.py
* Added pop-up window for keychains and bookmarks
* Added load_default_rc option
* Fixed all known unicode issues
* Fixed crash when $TERM is unknown to the system
* Fixed scrolling in colored preview
* Changed the default column_ratios to 1/3/4 and sorting method to "natural"
* Changed :rename so it doesn't overwrite existing files
* Internal actions are now accessible as commands
* Replaced unittests by doctests
* Replaced integrated help with an extended man page and dynamic lists
  of keybindings, commands and settings.
* Removed "keys.py" configuration file in favor of "rc.conf"
* Removed "texas" colorscheme
* apps.py: Now able to define programs that only run with Xorg
* commands.py: Using parse(self.line) to parse the line is unnecessary now.
  parse(self.line).rest(n) is now written as self.rest(n).
  However, parse(self.line).chunk(n) has been renamed to self.arg(n).
* commands.py: parse(self.line) + X is now self.firstpart + X
* commands.py: New special attribute "resolve_macros" which decides whether
  strings like %f should be expanded to the name of the current file, etc.
* commands.py: New special attribute "escape_macros_for_shell" to toggle
  whether or not macros should be escaped, so you can use them in other
  commands than :shell, for example :edit %f
* Countless small fixes and improvements

2011-10-02: Version 1.4.4
* Added keys for chmod (like +ow for "chmod o+w", etc)
* Added "c" flag for running files
* Added various key bindings
* Added wavpack and webm types to mime.types
* Added option "display_tags_in_all_columns"
* Added command.cancel method which is called when pressing ESC in console
* Added sorting and cycling by ctime and atime
* Added custom tags (press "x)
* Added bittorrent preview
* Fixed blocking when using interactive scripts in scope.sh
* Fixed issues with ALT key
* Fixed pager crash when trying to read non-readable file
* Forbid piping things into ranger
* Improved hints

2011-04-05: Version 1.4.3
* Fixed mimetype checking when invoking ranger with a filename
* Fixed loss of bookmarks when disk is full
* Minor improvements

2011-03-05: Version 1.4.2
* Added --choosefile and --choosedir flag
* Added use of bookmarks in tab completion of the :cd command
* Fixed bug with detached programs and python 3.2

2011-01-04: Version 1.4.1
* Fixed crash when preview failed under some circumstances
* Fixed graphical bug when pressing i

2010-12-22: Version 1.4.0
* Added option to use any external scripts for previews (see scope.sh)
* Added key: zv to toggle the use of the external script
* Added indicator for the used filter (type "zf")
* Added option padding_right to remove whitespace if theres no preview
* Added command :search_inc for incremental search
* Added commands :save_copy_buffer and :load_copy_buffer to share
  the copied files between ranger instances
* Added mimeopen as a fallback if no useful application can be found
* Added natural sort, sorts 1foo before 10foo. (type "on")
* Added keys: yp, yd and yb to copy path, dirname or basename to seleciton
* Let open_with use the selection, not just one file
* Run files with right mouse click
* Implemented copying via coreutils rather than internal python code
* Improved handling of unicode
* Some restructuration of the source code

2010-12-13: Version 1.2.3
* Enable binding to alt-keys
* Fixed memory leak in garbage collecting of old, unused directory objects
* Fixed python3 incompatibilities
* Fixed problems with identifying changes of files
* Fixed lazy lookup of some FSObject attributes

2010-10-10: Version 1.2.2
* Prevent currently used directories from being garbage collected
* Disable mouse buttons when console is open
* Fixed :cd command: Without arguments, cd's into $HOME
* Fixed bug which prevented pydoc to work on some config files
* Fixed some bugs in "snow" and "jungle" colorschemes
* Several other clean-ups and fixes

2010-09-16: Version 1.2.1
* Fixed yy/pp bug when yanking multiple directories

2010-09-13: Version 1.2.0
* !!! Changed the default configuration directory to ~/.config/ranger !!!
* Removed "Console Modes", each old mode is now a simple command
* Disabled file previews by default if ranger is used by root
* Allow to jump to specific help sections by typing two numbers, e.g. 13?
* Added keys: da, dr, ya, yr for adding and removing files from copy buffer
* Added keys: gl and gL to resolve links, see 11?
* Added key: pL to create a relative symlink
* Added % and % macros for the console, see 33?
* Fixed ansi codes for colors in the pager
* Use the file ~/.mime.types for mime type detection
* Several clean-ups and fixes

2010-07-17: Version 1.1.2
* Fix crash when using scrollwheel to scroll down in some cases
* The command "ranger dir1 dir2 ..." opens multiple directories in tabs
* Removed pydoc html documentation by default, re-create it with "make doc"
* Minor fixes

2010-06-18: Version 1.1.1
* New install script, "setup.py"
* New flag for running programs: "w" (waits for enter press)
* Minor fixes

2010-06-09: Version 1.1.0
* Added a man page
* Tab support
* Improved directory loading performance
* Commands are definable in ~/.ranger/commands.py
* Case insensitive sorting (type zs)
* Better UTF support
* Possibility to turn off previews (zp and zP)
* Changing options with :set (e.g. :set column_ratios=1,2,3,4)
* Ask for confirmation when using :delete
* New invocation flag: --fail-unless-cd
* New hotkeys, commands, options.
* New syntax for ~/.ranger/keys.py
* Several user contributions
* And tons of general improvements

NOTE: The syntax for configuration is still subject to change.