python-crack - Python bindings for cracklib


This module brings to Python programs the capability of evaluating password strength. To achieve this noble aim it uses the well known cracklib toolkit, hence the name.

python-crack is a free piece of software licensed under MIT/X Consortium License. Developing infrastructure is hosted by Savannah (project page).


Features provided here are the same of cracklib2: help discarding those damned simple, idiot and dangerous passwords. Additional checks has been borrowed from pam_cracklib.


Documentation is available both online and in the distributed tarballs. Online documentation might be more recent than the one found in the latest released tarball because of minor changes and error fixes.


Last stable release is the 0.5.1, available in the Files area. CVS repository is also available for anonymous use.


Any discussion regarding python-crack can be directed to the prua-devel mailing list. If you prefer, you can contact me directly. Write to Domenico Andreoli.