The goal of pygsear is to make it easier to get started quickly with Python and Pygame. So hopefully this very brief introduction will be enough to get you going.


So far, this has been the toughest part for people I have spoken with. It should be fairly easy:

On unix systems:

Of course, this assumes you already have Python and Pygame installed.

On windows:

Go in to the installers/ directory and double-click on the win32.exe installer.

If you want to run Python from the command line, you may need to set up your PATH. Setting up your PATH is beyond the scope of this document.

Turtle (Penguin) Graphics

A good way to test and see if the install is working right is to run the script in the examples directory. Try double clicking on it, or if that does not work:

That will show a demo of a bunch of graphic displays. If you want to experiment with penguin graphics for yourself, try the program: